AIS prides itself in taking on challenging and complex projects.  Our systems installation team is truly knowledgeable with every systems manufacturer in our market.  There are few companies that match ours in experience and expertise. We consistently complete projects of varying size and complexity involving all major manufacturers. Our dealer partners are accustomed to working closely with our foremen to share responsibilities on their projects.   

AIS handles new installations, reconfigurations and relocations with care and attention to detail.  We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time.  Our teams utilize lasers for precise leveling of products to ensure all is aligned properly and to manufacturers specification.  It’s also customary for our team to use corner, floor and wall protection anytime we go onto a job site.  

We are accustomed with unique jobsite conditions that require more sophisticated planning, such as using Gradall lifts or Cranes, where elevator service is not available or is not practical. We routinely coordinate our efforts with onsite trades and the general contractor leading the project. We are familiar with buildings that have their own sets of access challenges, for example buildings in San Francisco and Oakland, that require special trucks and/or equipment for receiving and delivery.

We are experienced with all systems that have been in use over that last 25 years.  We hold certifications for the following manufacturers: Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth, Herman Miller, Kimball, Knoll, Teknion, Trendway and many others.



Our warehouse facility has 100,000 sq. ft. of storage space.  It is outfitted with seven loading docks for incoming deliveries and five loading docks for outgoing deliveries.  The warehouse is fully racked for maximum efficiency and is equipped with an alarm system and sprinklers that help protect against theft and fire.  Our team utilizes AIS’s proprietary operating software system to conduct our everyday business.  The system allows us to receive products, link them to a specific job or jobs, separate for phasing, or consolidate for delivery and/or installation.  Our software also allows us to view the product we have received, note damages, and store until the start date of the project. We can handle your warehousing and delivery needs whether it is one piece or multiple truckloads.   

Custom Scribing and Cutting


Our Carpenters are trained and have the expertise to scribe, cut, or alter various types of work surfaces, panels, end panels, etc. to accommodate special jobsite conditions and or custom requirements. These services can often be accomplished on-site or may be completed at our shop. We also provide and install custom cut entries (aka “Doggie Doors”), as needed, to allow for electrical and/or communication cables access. 


Customer Storage

We offer two fully racked warehouses with designated areas to store short and long-term inventories. Our asset management team can provide a simple piece count or full inventory with product images; manufacture codes and conditions of product. Our experienced staff is available to suggest efficient ways to maximize storage at minimal costs.



Minor dings and scratches can be the holdup for completing a project.  Our technicians provide on-site or in shop wood veneer touch up, minor laminate repairs and metal touch up services. Our technicians work in conjunction with our installation foremen to ensure required services are achieved.  



We provide repair services at your site or at our facility. Contact us with the nature of your repair requirements and we will review and provide an estimate. We also are factory certified to perform many warranty repairs.



During installation, minor rips and tears may occur on panels.  We are equipped and staffed to reupholster panels on-site or in our warehouse.  Replacement upholstery is to be provided by dealer or manufacturer.



We provide furniture-cleaning services, either on site or in our shop, utilizing the CFR (Continuous Fluid Recovery) system.  This system recovers 95% of the cleaning fluid used in the cleaning process, which minimizes drying and thus down time. This is an eco friendly cleaning process using non-petroleum based cleaning products.  

In addition to cleaning, we provide upholstery protection for new furnishings that come through our warehouse.  We also offer this service for existing furniture at the customer’s site.  This advanced water based product is the latest in environmentally conscious technology.  Upholstery protection can help with easier clean up and add protection from spills.



We provide panel and chair cleaning services, either on-site or in our shop, utilizing the CFR (Continuous Fluid Recovery) system.  This system recovers 95% of the cleaning fluid used in the cleaning process, which minimizes drying and thus down time. This is an eco friendly cleaning process using non-petroleum based cleaning products. 



There are times when clients have available space to store their own products at their own site.  Therefore, to save on off-site storage costs, we offer services that provide inventories for our clients on-site stored and/or standing products.